Discontinuation Notice

TLDR; SwiftCV has ceased operations and is no longer available for service

After a rewarding journey spanning over five years, it is with heavy hearts that we announce the discontinuation of our beloved hobby project, SwiftCV. Regrettably, the service will no longer be available.

In light of advancements in AI and the emergence of numerous exceptional products in the market, we've observed a waning relevance for what SwiftCV offers over time. Balancing our professional commitments has made it increasingly challenging to keep pace with evolving market trends in our hobby projects. We sincerely hope that your experience with SwiftCV has been enjoyable.

For those who have previously used SwiftCV, please rest assured that we have meticulously removed your data footprint from our systems and backups. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for your understanding and for being an integral part of our remarkable journey.

Until we meet again, farewell and best wishes!

- Team SwiftCV